Why GEMA Kids ?

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Where Learning is Fun and Every Child is Special! Welcome to our vibrant and exciting playschool where we believe that learning should be a joyous and playful experience.

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High-Quality Curriculum:​

GEMA Kids Preschool has a holistic and developmentally appropriate curriculum that caters to the specific needs of young children. The curriculum is based on the HighScope approach, which emphasizes active learning through exploration and discovery.

State-of-the-art facilities:

GEMA Kids Preschool has a range of modern and well-equipped facilities, including step and learn areas, activity-based learning centers, language labs, knowledge hubs, sports areas, learning spaces, libraries, and play dens.

Nutritious Food:

The school provides 100% nutritious food to ensure that children get the energy and nutrients they need to thrive and learn.

Hygiene and Safety:

GEMA Kids Preschool prioritizes the safety and hygiene of children, with clean classrooms, separate toilets for each class, daily cleaning of toys and playing equipment, and a safe location away from traffic.

Real-Time Mobile Updates:

Parents can receive daily updates on their child’s progress and activities via digital media on their mobile phones. They can also watch live CCTV footage of their child in the school.

Entertainment Facilities:

GEMA Kids Preschool has several entertainment facilities, including indoor and outdoor play areas, riding toys, splash water pool, puppet house, Bambino Little Theatre, and music and video facilities.

Experienced and Qualified Teachers:

GEMA Kids Preschool has a team of experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate about early childhood education and are committed to providing the best learning experience for children.